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Special editon: Lost Actors - Where Are They Now?

Hi, thought I'd do a round-up of all the Lost actors who are coming back to (or already back) on TV. Enjoy!
ETA: Thanks everyone for the updates!

--- Ringer, Tuesdays on the CW
Debuted Sept. 13: Pilot is now online

-- The Vampire Diaries, Thursdays on the CW
Returned for Season 3 on Sept. 15: Online episodes here

-- Hawaii Five-O. Mondays on CBS
Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Tania Raymonde (Alex) will guest star this season
Second season premieres Sept. 19

-- Person of Interest (J.J. Abrams' new show): Thursdays, 9/8 c on CBS
Premieres Sept. 22

Currently in web series 'Goodnight Burbank'
Coming to HDNet on October 12

-- Alcatraz (J.J. Abrams' other new show) is now a midseason replacement that will air Mondays at 9 pm in 2012 on Fox
-- Scandal, Shonda Rhimes new show on ABC
-- Work It on ABC

Naveen Andrews is currently filming a British miniseries 'Sinbad,' which will air sometime in 2012

Evangeline Lilly in Real Steel, October 7
Maggie Grace in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, November 18
Josh Holloway in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, December 21
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As one more update, Terry O'Quinn has a recurring role this season on Hawaii 5-0, with DDK! And the Shonda Rhimes Show is called Scandal. :)
Thanks! I mentioned that TOQ (and Tania Raymonde) will be on H50. ;) I'll add the extra info.
Thanks for doing this!

I guess Foxy is not doing much right now.

I wish Josh would find a new show, possibly one that could interest me.

No prob!

I guess Foxy is still shooting "I, Alex Cross" and possibly still doing "World War Z," although with that assault charge pending, who knows. :-/
Thanks for posting!

For what it's worth, as of now, Henry Ian Cusick's new show is called Scandal.

Cool. Thanks for the update! :)
Thanks for this! I did wonder where and what people were doing, though I'd heard some things. Of course we don't get the scheduling you do, but it's good to know what shows and movies to look out for! Thanks again! ;-)
My pleasure! :)
Thanks for the update! I need to check out Dom's new series.

Bless her heart, Rebecca Mader is in ABC's new Tootsie-esque sitcom Work It. It's set for mid-season.
I hadn't heard about that one, thanks!
Thank you for putting together this update. I grin every time I see Evie in the Real Steel trailer. And it's weird looking forward to/squeeing whenever I see MI mentioned.
I wish Josh were in something non-Cruise-related, but I'm definitely going. And so much for Evi retiring from acting, LOL.
Ahhhhhh, thank you for saving me the trouble of finding all this out for myself! I wouldn't have gotten even half of it, I'm sure. Like, I didn't have any idea that Alex (um, I mean Tanya...we must keep our Alexes straight on H50!) was going to guest star, and I'm super-psyched about that.

Why does it not surprise me that Naveen Andrews is doing Sinbad?

I think I'm going to skip Person of Interest even though I learned to love Michael Emerson (he was an acquired taste for me!), unless all you guys who're on your toes with this stuff start saying great things about it, but I'm definitely on board with Alcatraz (HURLEY, DUDE!!!). But will it interfere with H50? I think so...ah well, that's why God made DVR's!

La-di-da, Evi was so totally retiring because she didn't like people noticing how pretty she is (I'm loosely quoting her here). She's not always the type who says what she means and means what she says, is she? Oh well, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Did she ever have that baby?

And oh, my dear Foxy, what have you done? I still adore the man, but I suspect he's having a midlife crisis! ;)
It's so sad that H50 does nothing for me. I watched Moonlight for Alex (O'Loughlin) but I can't make it through H50 just for those abs!

I was never really a Michael Emerson fan, either. A little Ben went a long way for me and we got way more than I ever really wanted! But I'll at least check it out.

Evi totally recanted on the retiring thing, true dat. And ha, I remember that interview where she talked about the burden of being so beautiful. Life is soooo hard for you, Evi! Among all the other really bone-headed things she's said. And yes, she did have her baby. No one seemed to know she was even pregnant until about a week beforehand, iirc.

My Foxy love has definitely taken a beating (urgh, bad pun) with that whole incident. I was at least hoping he'd come out with some kind of statement or an announcement he was going into rehab or something, but .... *crickets.*