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Special editon: Lost Actors - Where Are They Now?

Hi, thought I'd do a round-up of all the Lost actors who are coming back to (or already back) on TV. Enjoy!
ETA: Thanks everyone for the updates!

--- Ringer, Tuesdays on the CW
Debuted Sept. 13: Pilot is now online

-- The Vampire Diaries, Thursdays on the CW
Returned for Season 3 on Sept. 15: Online episodes here

-- Hawaii Five-O. Mondays on CBS
Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Tania Raymonde (Alex) will guest star this season
Second season premieres Sept. 19

-- Person of Interest (J.J. Abrams' new show): Thursdays, 9/8 c on CBS
Premieres Sept. 22

Currently in web series 'Goodnight Burbank'
Coming to HDNet on October 12

-- Alcatraz (J.J. Abrams' other new show) is now a midseason replacement that will air Mondays at 9 pm in 2012 on Fox
-- Scandal, Shonda Rhimes new show on ABC
-- Work It on ABC

Naveen Andrews is currently filming a British miniseries 'Sinbad,' which will air sometime in 2012

Evangeline Lilly in Real Steel, October 7
Maggie Grace in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, November 18
Josh Holloway in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, December 21
Lost: Juliet

Lost Newsletter (Fic)

And He'll Still Be Able to Face Himself in the Mirror by tellshannon815 (Sawyer, Anthony Cooper) PG
Identity by crickets (Claire, Richard) PG
Just Like You When She Smiles by aboutbunnies (Clementine) PG
Five, Six, Grab Your Crucifix by weatheredlaw (Jacob, Esau) PG
Her Black Robes Trailing by flaky_artist (Jacob) PG-13
Hope for the Hopeless by nicis_anatomy (Jack) PG
She Can Find Anyone by mollivanders (Penny, Eloise) G
Five Manipulations of a Monster by phantomsangel (Man in Black, Jacob, Richard, Ben) R
Vessel by greedyslayer (Ana Lucia, Esau) R
Sympathy for the Devil by angeldylan628 (Jacob) PG
Sparks Fly From Her Fingertips by flaky_artist (Claire, Ensemble) PG-13
Sonata For a Good Man by weatheredlaw (Daniel)
Perfect Moment by irishunicorn03 (Kate) G
Hurley's (Un)Lucky Day by nicis_anatomy (Hurley) PG
This Is Not the Title of My Story (It Is Outside the Parentheses) by 108108 (Jacob, Esau) PG-13

This House Is Sad Because He's Not In It by crickets (Jack/Claire) PG-13
Untitled by crickets (Jack/Claire) R
Making Wishes part 1 | part 2 by 30_rock_office (Frank/Sun) R
A Hole Five Seconds Deep by jewelles2 (Jack/Kate) PG
Playing House by flaky_artist (Juliet/Jack) PG
Post Mortem by cloudytea (Sayid/Claire, Sayid/Nadia) R
One Coin Too Many by weatheredlaw (Desmond/Ilana) PG-13
The Jig's Up by ozmissage (Miles/Ana Lucia) R
When In Rome by weatheredlaw (Aaron/Ji Yeon)
On Borrowed Time by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
give/take by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
The Philosophers by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
Bargain His Soul for the Devil's by mollivanders (Sawyer/Juliet) G
The Drowning of Charlotte Lewis by lady_magnesia (Charlotte/Daniel) PG

The Best Start to the Day by toestastegood (Jin/Sawyer) NC-17
The Mark of a Good Deal by haldoor (Sawyer/Sayid) R
Conception part 33 by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) NC-17
With Great Fortitude by weatheredlaw (girl!Jack/Sawyer)
In Secret by wandersfound (Jacob/Richard) PG-13
Enough by phantomsangel (Ben/Richard) PG
Consultation by haldoor (Boone/Jack) PG-13

Drowning Is Not So Pitiful (As the Attempt to Rise) parts 5 and 6 by carlyisnot (Kate/Juliet) PG
Sounds of Silence parts 1 - 3 by carlyisnot (Kate/Juliet) PG

A Dreamer Dreams, She Never Dies part 1 | part 2 | part 3 by bittersweet_fic (Jacob/Alex/Richard) PG-13

Lost Newsletter (Fic)

Writing What You Want to Write vs. What People Want to Read by tellshannon815 @ thequillstation

Insanity (Comes When You Stop Trying) by primarycolors92 (Charlie, Desmond) PG-13
Her Black Robes Trailing by flaky_artist (Jacob) PG-13
A Day in the Life by cut_thestring (Miles, Sawyer) PG
Bad Blood by tellshannon815 (Esau) PG
Visualize Success by soda_and_capes (Jack) PG-13
Never by parisamy (Kate, Sawyer) PG
Forever and a Day by silverdragon76 (Juliet) G
Abbott Always Finds Costello in the End by ozmissage (Charlie, Hurley) PG
Caged by yas_m5 (Kate) PG
Sonata for a Good Man by weatheredlaw (Daniel, Eloise) PG
Soap and Thread Won't Make It Stick by flaky_artist (Aaron) PG-13
Too Young, Too Innocent by woodcravings (Aaron, Claire, Kate) G
Too Lost to Be Found by ciaimpala (Jack, Claire) PG
When Will I See You Again? by tellshannon815 (Ben, Esau) PG

  • Other Het Pairings
    You Are Here, Like A Mystery part 2 | part 3 by tellshannon815 (Sun/Jin) PG
    Unmake of Me What You Will by mollivanders (Jack/Eloise, Sawyer/Juliet) PG-13
    Just My Luck part 2 by greedyslayer (Juliet/Richard, Sawyer/Juliet, Daniel/Charlotte) PG-13
    Missing You by 30_rock_office (Ben/Sun) R
    Pointer (The Awakening Remix) by key_sama (Julian/Clementine) PG
    Proper Jurisdiction by aboutbunnies (Sawyer/Kate) PG-13
    Sine Aeterno by alocalband (Alex/Richard) R
    The Far Distant Spring by crickets (Alex/Richard) R
    The Island Taketh Away by irishunicorn03 (Jack/Kate) PG
    The Duplicitous Heart by angeldylan628 (Jack/Kate, Jack/Juliet) PG
    Hold Fast in the Darkness by mollvanders (Rose/Bernard) G
    Burn Down the House [See What Comes Out Clean] by crickets (Jack/Claire) PG-13
    Who Is The Lamb? by crickets (Jack/Claire) R
    Dust Off Our Memories by crickets (Sun/Sayid) PG-13
    Lost and Found by nicis_anatomy (Jin/Sun, Sawyer/Juliet) PG

    Roughing It by haldoor (Charlie/Sawyer) NC-17
    Back to Life by haldoor (Charlie/Sawyer) NC-17
    At Dusk The Stars All Appear by janie_tangerine (Jack/Sawyer) R
    The Flesh is Weak by janie_tangerine (Desmond/Sayid) NC-17
    I Gazed a Gazeless Stare by janie_tangerine (Desmond/Sayid) NC-17
    We'll Meet on Edges, Soon by janie_tangerine (Desmond/Sayid) R
    The Hunter by woodcravings (Jacob/Richard) PG
    Small Worlds by hitlikehammers (Jack/Boone) PG-13
  • Lost: Josh

    Lost Newsletter (Fic)

    The Craft of Writing: Editing and Garbage Words by eponine119 @ thequillstation
    New community: weareinhell Jacob/Richard/MIB

    Enough Planes to Take Us Anywhere by flaky_artist (Ensemble) PG-13
    Lines of Fear and Blame by flaky_artist (Jacob, Esau) PG
    A Call in the Night by scandaloussteph (Kate) PG
    Slow Death in the Badlands by valhalla37 (Miles) R
    Hell Has No Fury (Abandon Ship) by primarycolors92 (Frank) PG
    Everything's Been Returned Which Was Owed by krileymcc (Sawyer, Juliet, Cindy) PG-13
    Déjà Vu is Funny by joyyjpg (Miles) PG
    What Shall Be, Must Be by toestastegood (Jacob, Charlie) PG
    Hand of Sorrow by irishunicorn03 (Kate) PG
    He Should Never Have Taken Her Out that Day by woodcravings (Richard, Isabella) PG-13
    The Hard Truth by woodcravings (Eloise/Daniel) PG
    Why I Changed the Rules by tellshannon815 (Charles) PG
    Exodus by angeldylan628 (Eloise, Richard, Charles, Daniel) PG
    Ashes to Ashes by primarycolors92 R
    What Deaths We Daren't Dream by hitlikehammers (Ben, Richard) PG
    Lines of Fear and Blame by flaky_artist (Esau, Jacob) PG

    She'll Know by tellshannon815 (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Bed of Roses and Thorns by vio55 (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Pointer by key_sama (Julian/Clementine) PG
    You Are Here, Like a Mystery by tellshannon815 (Sun/Jin) PG
    Books and Covers by crickets (Jack/Shannon) PG-13
    The Birds Won't Sing by crickets (Claire/Jack/Sawyer) R
    There Is No Moon by crickets (Jack/Claire) R
    Every Road Takes Us Farther From Home by crickets (Jack/Claire) R
    I Can See Us Dying by bittersweet_fic (Richard/Alex) PG-13
    Lay Your Mark, Never Your Claim by mollivanders (Jack/Juliet) PG-13
    Splinters by 823freckles (Sawyer/Kate) PG-13
    What It's Supposed to Mean by silverdragon76 (Sawyer/Kate) PG-13
    She's The Question, He's the Answer by mollivanders (Frank/Sun) PG
    Already Seen by cut_thestring (Charlie/Claire) G
    Realism Doesn't Breed Romantics by bittersweet_fic (Ji Yeon/Aaron) PG
    The Sum is Lesser (Pity the Part) by primarycolors92 (Ji Yeon/Aaron) PG
    Wasted All Your Chances by mollivanders (Jack/Eloise) G

    We Held Hands on the Last Night on Earth by joyyjpg (Miles/Richard) R
    It Will Go On by crickets (Richard/Jacob) R
    Only A Pawn in His Game by janie_tangerine (Richard/Jacob) PG-13
    Ash Rings and Arrows by aurilly (Richard/Adam from Heroes) PG-13
    The Intermediary by zelda_zee (Jacob/Esau, Richard/Esau, Richard/Jacob) NC-17
    The World Was All Before Them by ozmissage (Jacob/Esau) PG-13
    Sound Check part 7 by yersi_fanel (Desmond/Charlie/Sawyer) R
    Moriarty by motorcyclesfly (Ben/Young Ben) R

    Whatever Will Be, Will Be part 26 by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) Pg-13
    Lost: skate

    Lost Newsletter (Fic)

    Challenge 103: Regret @ lostfichallenge Deadline: 4/24
    Challenge 29: Sacrifice @ lost_in_108 Deadline: 4/19
    The Art of Writing the Rousseau Family by bittersweet325 @ thequillstation
    Prompt Challenge Week 14 @ thequillstation
    New community: titus_welliver
    New community: nestorcarbonell
    Signups for Ladies Big Bang - Multimedia woman-focused big bang challenge. Deadline: 4/30

    So Are They All (All Honorable Men) by angeldylan628 (Eloise, Jacob) PG
    There's a Clamor in Your Whispering by xishuai (Ben) PG-13
    In the House ofSaturn by weatheredlaw (Ilana)
    The Hard Truth by woodcravings (Eloise, Daniel) PG
    The Chosen One by nicis_anatomy (Desmond) PG
    Something Real by irishunicorn03 (Kate) G
    Two Tickets To Paradise by kbailey3131 (Frank, Jack, Miles) G
    Gone and Left My Baby Blue by flaky_artist (Eloise, Claire) PG-13
    Distractions by raikune (Ben, Richard) G
    Never Killed a Wild Boar by xishuai (Ben, Locke) PG
    Eloise by giventofly37 (Richard, Jacob) PG-13
    Island of Lost Souls by bittersweet_fic (Lost/Doctor Who crossover) G
    No Vacation by nicis_anatomy (Shannon) PG
    Equitas by siluria (Jack, Sawyer) PG-13


    Savior Saved by knopflergroupie (Jack/Sawyer) G
    Quantum Leap: The "Lost" Episode part 8 by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) PG-13
    We Are the Devil by weatheredlaw (Jacob/Esau)
    Walk With Me by melawen_c (Jacob/Man in Black) PG-13
    he think just bc he spend a lil dough im gon fuck by 108108 (Ben/Jack) NC-17
    A Future/Past Consideration by angeldylan628 (Richard/Jacob) PG
    No Plane Needed by ciaimpala (Miles/Sawyer) R

    Parallel part 4 | part 5 | part 6 by mrjamesileee (Kate/Claire) PG-13
    Lost: JKS

    Lost Newsletter (Fic)

    New community: itonlyendsonce

    Vote @ lost_fic_awards Deadline: April 15

    Sometimes the Dust Settles by flaky_artist (Jacob, Esau) PG-13
    Sone by yersi_fanel (Charlie, Daniel) PG
    Sink or Swim by tellshannon815 (Kate) PG
    Terminus Ad Quem by cloudytea (Sawyer, Miles) PG-13
    The Very Thought of You by 30_rock_office (Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jacob, Richard, Ben, Ilana) PG
    Space Oddity by aboutbunnies (Kate, Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica)
    Sins of the Father by kbailey3131 (Ben) PG
    Keep Me Afloat In Remembrance of You by ciaimpala (Alex, Karl, Ben) G
    End This Waiting Game, Lover of Mine by mollivanders (Kate, Sawyer, Juliet) G
    Interlude by bayloriffic (Kate, Juliet) PG
    Some Good to Do by knopflergroupie (Jacob, Juliet) G
    Least He's Not the Only Crazy One by woodcravings (Arzt, Ben, Locke) PG
    Shadowboxing by primarycolors92 (Daniel) PG
    316 (He's Been Through Enough) by macey (Walt) PG
    Penance of Loyalty by cloudytea (Mikhail, Bea) PG

    A Change of Scene by colourmayfade (Jack/Ana) PG-13
    She'd Rather Be Scarred than be Scarred with Love by colourmayfade (Richard/Juliet) R
    A Shade of Blue by pann_cake (Richard/Juliet) NC-17
    Hidden by colourmayfade (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Promise by hintofawhisper (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Fragments by tokenblkgirl (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Always Sunny by weatheredlaw (Shannon/Boone) PG-13
    It Began and Ended, to Begin Again by woodcravings (Ben/Ilana) PG-13
    To Hold Grace in Her Palm by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana) R
    Et d'une chanson d'amour by mollivanders (Daniel/Charlotte) G
    Stay by hintofawhisper (Kate/Jack) PG
    Please Just Take These Photos From my Hands by x_the_rising_x (Kate/Jack) PG-13
    Home Safe by lowriseflare (Kate/Jack) PG-13
    Remember by hintofawhisper (Charlie/Claire) PG
    We Are All the Same When Everything Fades by joyyjpg (Daniel/Charlotte, Richard/Isabella) PG
    Infinity in Her Palm by weatheredlaw (Jack/Sun) R
    Since the Temple by tellshannon815 (Cindy/Lennon) PG

    Sound Check part 6 by yersi_fanel (Charlie/Sawyer/Daniel) R
    Change of Plan by zelda_zee (Desmond/Sayid) PG-13
    Sex and Lies by toestastegood (Daniel/Adam from Heroes) R
    Different Drum part 1 | part 2 by haldoor (Jack/Sawyer) NC-17
    A Day Too Late by bittersweet_fic (Richard/Miles) NC-17
    Breathe by 30_rock_office (Jacob/Esau) R
    Skin and Bones by hitlikehammers (Jacob/Esau) R
    We Could Have Had Paris by toestastegood (Jacob/Esau) NC-17
    This is a Gift, It Comes With a Price by bittersweet_fic (Richard/Jacob) PG-13
    Mourning by 30_rock_office (Frank/Dan) PG-13
    Animal Assisted by key_sama (Ben/Jack) PG

    If you were to leave, fulfill someone else's dreams, I think I might totally be lost. by phelipa (Charlotte/Juliet) NC-17
    Parallel part 1 | part 2 | part 3 by mrjamesileee (Kate/Claire) PG13
    Princess Leia and the Motorbike by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R

    Fly Away, Little Bird by mollivanders (Kate/Juliet, Kate/Sawyer, Juliet/Sawyer) G

    Lost Newsletter (Fic)

    New community: dharmadays
    New community: jacobandrichard

    Vote @ lost_fic_awards Deadline: April 15

    Penance of Loyalty by cloudytea (Mikhail, Bea) PG
    The Other Side of the Fence by tellshannon815 (Eloise, Daniel, Charlotte, Widmore, Richard, etc.) PG
    Rest in Pieces by vio55 (Ben, Sayid) PG-13
    Some Things Just Can Not Be by buongiornodaisy (Richard, Ben, Sun) PG
    The Doctor Could Be Seen As The Patient by woodcravings (Ben, Jack) PG
    Compassion by anna_salem (Ben, Ilana) G
    Thicker Than Water by flaky_artist (Jacob, Esau) PG-13
    Me vs. You by 30_rock_office (Jack, Richard, Sun, Frank, Miles, etc.) PG
    Vermeil by bittersweet_fic (Richard) G
    Thanksgiving's Two Weeks Away by tellshannon815 (Ana Lucia, Rose, Bernard) PG
    Fox and Rabbits by flaky_artist (Ben) PG-13
    Immortal Beloved by tokenblkgirl (Richard) PG
    Haunted by woodcravings (Jacob, Esau) PG

    Since the Temple by tellshannon815 (Cindy/Lennon) PG
    Need by 30_rock_office (Richard/Sun) R
    Before I Ever Reach for You Again by bittersweet_fic (Richard/Alex) R
    Wicked by wistfulwatcher (Richard/Alex) PG
    Planned Lives part 17 by bittersweet_fic (Richard/Alex, Alex/Jacob) R
    A Fate Like Gravity by zooclawakp (Jack/Kate) PG-13
    The Devil's On the Horizon Line (Your Kiss and I'm Alive) by x_the_rising_x (Jack/Kate) PG-13
    But In Dreams We Will Meet Again by mollivanders (Daniel/Charlotte) PG
    Sometimes You Get What You Need by mollivanders (Boone/Shannon) M

    Hell or High Water by haldoor (Sawyer/Sayid) PG
    That Went Well by haldoor (Jack/Boone) R
    Adrenaline by haldoor (Jack/Sawyer/Sayid) R
    This Is How It Starts by gottalovev (Jack/Sawyer) NC-17
    Tiresias by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) PG-13
    Five Times People Found Out About Miles and Richard and One Time Nobody Cared by primarycolors92 (Richard/Miles) R
    Sound Check part 5 by yersi_fanel (Desmond/Charlie, Sawyer/Charlie) R
    I'm Not The Captain of This Yacht I'm On This Ship by 108108 (man in black/Richard/Jacob/Ben) NC-17
    What Is Best by woodcravings (Richard/Jacob) PG
    Kohl by miya_morana (Richard/Jacob) PG

    Can't Dance Without Music by seriously_em (Kate/Juliet) PG-13
    Heard It All Before by seriously_em (Kate/Juliet) R
    Snöänglar och älgen som såg dem (Snow angels and the moose that watched) by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    Lost: Sawyer Juliet

    Lost Newsletter: Fic

    Challenge 102: Compassion @ lostfichallenge Deadline: 4/4
    Prompt Challenge @ thequillstation
    New community: redemptionarc Ben/Ilana

    Nominate @ lost_fic_awards Deadline: 3/31

    Nostalgia by buongiornodaisy (Ben, Sun) PG
    No Answers in the Record Books by ciaimpala (Ben) PG
    Puppet by macey (Ben, Ilana) PG
    Ma Reine by littleton_pace (Danielle) PG
    Renewed Subscriptions to Reality by flaky_artist (Carole) PG
    Not the Bunny! by greedyslayer (Richard, Ben) G
    Peace (Or Lack Thereof) by 30_rock_office (Richard, Jacob, Esau) PG-13
    Beyond the Hourglass (And a Hundred Years have Passed) by joyyjpg (Richard) PG
    Sonata by valhalla37 (Jack, Daniel, Juliet, Claire, David, etc.) PG
    And You Find the Magic Box, But They Throw Away the Key by flaky_artist (Locke) PG


    Anymore by cynthia_arrow (Miles/Sawyer) PG-13
    Every Game You Play by gottalovev (Miles/Sawyer) NC-17
    Your Fathers All Died in the War by angeldylan628 (Jack/Sawyer) PG
    Conception part 32 by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) PG-13
    Bending His Will Like a Length of Rope by cola_and_pimms (Locke/Ben) NC-17
    Nick Jonas and the Island part 3.1 |part 3.2 by onelittlesleep (Nick Jonas/Richard) Adult
    Give In by woodcravings (Richard/Jacob) PG-13
    Dancing in the Dark by raikune (Jacob/Esau) G
    Blackout by raikune (Jacob/Esau) PG-13
    Sound Check by yersi_fanel (Desmond/Charlie/Sawyer) R

    Like a Bird part 2 by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    Whatever Will Be, Will Be part 25 by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) PG-13
    Lost: hug

    Lost Newsletter (Fic)

    The Art of Writing Locke @ thequillstation

    Nominate @ lost_fic_awards Deadline extended to 3/31

    and you find the magic box, but they throw away the key by flaky_artist (Locke) PG
    Palm Reader by primarycolors92 (various) PG
    Prayer (Say a Little) by primarycolors92 (Claire, Carole)
    Never a Dull Moment, in Mid-World by janie_tangerine (Boone, Sheemie Ruiz from The Dark Tower series) PG
    Still by devdev1 (Claire, Sawyer) T
    Spiral by jeaniris (Charlotte) PG
    Rad Bromance by sexiestdrummer (Sawyer, Miles) T
    A Distraction from Dreaming by sexiestdrummer (Sawyer, Vincent) T
    When The Crazy Wheel Slows Down, Where Will I Be? Back Where I Started by tellshannon815 (Locke) PG
    (Save Your) Perfect Pulse by vio55 (Jacob, Richard) PG
    Esau She Has Hated by flaky_artist (Esau) PG
    Guns by wandersfound (Sayid, Casey from Chuck) PG
    Four Days in the Desert by prochytes (crossover with Torchwood) PG-13
    Tis You Must Go, and I Must Bide by tellshannon815 (Eloise, Daniel) PG
    In Memory of Danielle Rousseau by knopflergroupie (Claire, Kate) PG
    Wicked by weatheredlaw (Richard) PG-13
    Don't Call Him Boss by ciaimpala (Sawyer, Miles) R
    the ancient and distinguished game that used to be by flaky_artist (Jacob, Esau, ensemble) PG-13
    One Door Leads to the Point of Return by joyyjpg (Eloise) PG
    Drabbles by yersi_fanel (Charlie, Desmond, Penny) PG
    Let's Start at the Beginning by fallenmelody (Jack, Kate, Sawyer) PG
    and i shed their blood, thinking it all mattered by greedyslayer (Richard)
    To Qualify by buongiornodaisy (Ben) PG
    Shells by squeakyboots (Juliet, Ben, Rachel) PG
    Most People Are Other People by bittersweet_fic (Alex) PG-13


    Guardian by toestastegood (Jacob/Esau) NC-17
    Early by wandersfound (Desmond/Sayid) PG
    Drinks by wandersfound (Jack/Sawyer) PG
    Sound Check part 3 by yersi_fanel (Desmond/Charlie/Sawyer) R
    LaFleur - Prologue by mathemagick (Sawyer/Miles) PG-13
    What Lies Beneath the Shadow of the Statue by briteskies (Jacob/Richard) PG-13

    Whatever Will Be, Will Be part 22 | part 23 | part 24 by f3ive3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) PG-13
    Breaking the Rules by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    Afternoon Delight by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    A Different Way to Be by zippy88 (Kate/Juliet) PG
    Drowning by carlyisnot (Kate/Juliet) PG
    Mile High Club by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    Lost: Juliet

    Lost Newsletter: Fic

    The Craft of Writing: Plot by zelda_zee @ thequillstation

    Nominate @ lost_fic_awards Deadline: 3/18

    A Neutron Walks into a Bar by gottalovev (Lost/Stargate Atlantis crossover) PG-13
    You Should See the Other Guy by tia_no_one (Juliet) PG
    8 Years by illwynd (Danielle) PG
    But One Day He'll Be Older (and he will hate you) by greedyslayer (Richard, Jacob, Esau) PG-13
    Poking Out the Child's Eyes of Ancient Gods by aurorawest (Miles) PG-13
    The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter by isis2015 (Ben, Sun) PG
    There's No Place Like Home by alliecat8 (Sawyer) PG-13
    The Hand of Man by alliecat8 (Kate) R
    Slouching Toward Bethlehem by khaman (Man in Black) PG-13
    Drunken Sailor (Drink Deep) by primarycolors92 (Desmond) G
    Hey There, Mr. Blue by flaky_artist (Penny, Widmore) PG
    What It Hinges On by cynthia_arrow (Sun, Frank) PG
    Two Roads Diverge by silverdragon76 (Sawyer) PG-13
    A Matter of Time by jeaniris (Penny) PG
    Hide & Seek by cloudytea (Cindy) PG
    Reflection by parisamy (Sawyer, Juliet) PG

    She Will Have Me by woodcravings (Ben/Ilana) PG
    Solidarity/Alone by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana) PG
    Nothing Changes by tellshannon815 (Boone/Shannon) PG
    Telling Our War Stories (While Hiding Our Scars) by bayloriffic (Sawyer/Juliet) PG
    Distant by cloudytea (Cindy/Lennon) PG
    Sacrifice by 30_rock_office (Ben/Sun) PG
    The Black King and the White Queen part 13 by isis2015 (Ben/Sun) R
    Beneath Withered Branches by flaky_artist (Aaron/Ji Yeon) PG-13
    Though There Is No Ocean for a Thousand Miles by lowriseflare (Sawyer/Kate) R
    Never Give the Heart Outright by cantbesilent (Jack/Juliet) PG
    Looking Back on Your Past, Changing Your Future by urloveisalie (Charlie/Claire) PG

    Quantum Leap: The "Lost" episode part 7 by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) PG-13
    Running by haldoor (Jack/Sawyer/Sayid) PG-13
    Play Versus Study by blackwolf1480 (Charlie/Desmond) T
    Sound Check part 2 by yersi_fanel (Desmond/Charlie/Sawyer) R
    As Children Lost in the Woods by bittersweet_fic (Jacob/Richard) PG

    Fireflies part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 by f3iv3lin3 (Kate/Juliet) R
    After Afterall by ciaimpala (Claire/Kate) PG-13

    Two's Company (Fractals in Four) by primarycolors92 (Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet) PG-13