the story girl (eponine119) wrote in lost_newsletter,
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Lost Newsletter (Fic)

And He'll Still Be Able to Face Himself in the Mirror by tellshannon815 (Sawyer, Anthony Cooper) PG
Identity by crickets (Claire, Richard) PG
Just Like You When She Smiles by aboutbunnies (Clementine) PG
Five, Six, Grab Your Crucifix by weatheredlaw (Jacob, Esau) PG
Her Black Robes Trailing by flaky_artist (Jacob) PG-13
Hope for the Hopeless by nicis_anatomy (Jack) PG
She Can Find Anyone by mollivanders (Penny, Eloise) G
Five Manipulations of a Monster by phantomsangel (Man in Black, Jacob, Richard, Ben) R
Vessel by greedyslayer (Ana Lucia, Esau) R
Sympathy for the Devil by angeldylan628 (Jacob) PG
Sparks Fly From Her Fingertips by flaky_artist (Claire, Ensemble) PG-13
Sonata For a Good Man by weatheredlaw (Daniel)
Perfect Moment by irishunicorn03 (Kate) G
Hurley's (Un)Lucky Day by nicis_anatomy (Hurley) PG
This Is Not the Title of My Story (It Is Outside the Parentheses) by 108108 (Jacob, Esau) PG-13

This House Is Sad Because He's Not In It by crickets (Jack/Claire) PG-13
Untitled by crickets (Jack/Claire) R
Making Wishes part 1 | part 2 by 30_rock_office (Frank/Sun) R
A Hole Five Seconds Deep by jewelles2 (Jack/Kate) PG
Playing House by flaky_artist (Juliet/Jack) PG
Post Mortem by cloudytea (Sayid/Claire, Sayid/Nadia) R
One Coin Too Many by weatheredlaw (Desmond/Ilana) PG-13
The Jig's Up by ozmissage (Miles/Ana Lucia) R
When In Rome by weatheredlaw (Aaron/Ji Yeon)
On Borrowed Time by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
give/take by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
The Philosophers by weatheredlaw (Ben/Ilana)
Bargain His Soul for the Devil's by mollivanders (Sawyer/Juliet) G
The Drowning of Charlotte Lewis by lady_magnesia (Charlotte/Daniel) PG

The Best Start to the Day by toestastegood (Jin/Sawyer) NC-17
The Mark of a Good Deal by haldoor (Sawyer/Sayid) R
Conception part 33 by diandrahollman (Jack/Sawyer) NC-17
With Great Fortitude by weatheredlaw (girl!Jack/Sawyer)
In Secret by wandersfound (Jacob/Richard) PG-13
Enough by phantomsangel (Ben/Richard) PG
Consultation by haldoor (Boone/Jack) PG-13

Drowning Is Not So Pitiful (As the Attempt to Rise) parts 5 and 6 by carlyisnot (Kate/Juliet) PG
Sounds of Silence parts 1 - 3 by carlyisnot (Kate/Juliet) PG

A Dreamer Dreams, She Never Dies part 1 | part 2 | part 3 by bittersweet_fic (Jacob/Alex/Richard) PG-13
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